About Us

Gourmaïs Popcorn

is a young company specializing in the production of several original popcorn flavours. Freshness and high quality of our products are our priorities. Our production is artisanal, which allows us to personalize each of your requests. Whether it is for a party, a wedding, a corporate event or any other occasion you want unique and memorable, Gourmaïs Popcorn has the solution to meet your needs. However, serving more than a hundred customers on a regular basis, we also have the ability to respond to large production efficiently and quickly. Since 2012, Gourmaïs Popcorn is a member of Aliments du Québec and is certified by MAPAQ.

We want every bite to be a unique experience for your palate!

Our Guarantee

Merchandise Return Policy

We stand by your full satisfaction or money back guarantee. If you have come across a product that has had its packaging damaged or a product whose freshness does not seem adequate, return it as soon as possible. The refund conditions are simple, you report the product to the point of sale concerned with your receipt as proof of purchase. A credit or an exchange will be granted.

Take note that Gourmais Popcorn can not guarantee the freshness of the product once the original packaging has been opened. You are then responsible for the storage conditions of the product.