An explosive taste!

Gourmaïs Flavours

Double Dark Chocolate, Caramel & Fleur De Sel

A caramel covered with dark chocolate and covered a second time then coated with fleur de sel.

Caramel & Cheddar

A sweet and savoury reinvented. A caramel popcorn coated with cheddar cheese. Our American friends call it the Chicago mix.

The Zebra

A crunchy plain popcorn, a mix of dark and white chocolate. A real delight.

Caramel & Dark Chocolate

Our succulent caramel popcorn covered with dark chocolate. Makes you dream about it.

Intense Caramel & Fleur De Sel

A caramel double popcorn, seasoned with fleur de sel. You will keep asking for more!

Double Caramel

A doubly good popcorn because it is coated twice rather than once with our exceptional caramel! For the lovers of what is perfect just the way it is.


A classic that always brings a smile. This popcorn is coated with a delicious caramel.

Caramel, Maple & Fleur De Sel

This caramel popcorn is coated with real maple syrup, enhanced with a hint of fleur de sel.

Sriracha & Caramel

A popcorn with sriracha and caramel. A perfect balance between spicy and sweet.


Equally beautiful and good. Each bite of this popcorn explodes with fruit flavours. Made for candy lovers.

An original taste!

Classic Flavours


With a mix of tasty barbecue spices, this flavour promises you exciting moments.


Perfectly spicy, this flavor will make you hot!

Honey & Mustard

A succulent blend of honey and mustard that makes your mouth water and reminds you of a hot dog.

Nacho & Cheese

Sprinkled with a tasty cheese mixture, it will please you for sure.


Our succulent butter popcorn is a real classic. A comforting taste loved by one and all.

Salt & Vinegar

Go on an adventure high in flavour with the taste of this Salt and Vinegar popcorn.


We all love Ketchup flavour. Impossible to stop once you start eating it.


The good taste of plain popcorn with its natural aroma.

David Tremblay

Thank you to the wonderful team of Gourmaïs. Your help during our fundraising was greatly appreciated!

Julie Brun

Excellent Quebec product! I loved the one with the fleur de sel!

Janie Boutin

Really a superb quality! I love their flavours but the maple is very hot !!!

Martine D'André

I highly recommend this product. Follow all the activities of this new and young company on facebook.

Danielle Dionne

Incredibly good products made with love by extraordinary people! How comforting!